Derek Shepherd - Biography

written by: Gemma

Derek ShepherdDerek Shepherd is the handsome Neuro surgeon that any female in the right mind dreams of being with. And Meredith Grey is therefore the luckiest girl in TV history!
Derek grew up in New York with his close knit family, his mother Carolyn was a navy nurse and spent many years tending to wounded soldiers. His father was his inspiration but was cruelly gunned down right in front of Derek and his younger sister Amelia as he refused to give up his watch that Carolyn had bought him. The close family were left devastated at the loss of their father and as Amelia grew up her downward spiral into drugs left the incredibly close family splintered at the seams.
Growing up, Derek was a "band geek" with a large afro, acne, and a less than stellar body image, which he expresses to Bailey after she comments about his perfect face & perfect hair.

Derek attended Bowdoin College and when he graduated he moved onto Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons for Medical School where he achieved his dreams of becoming a surgeon.
Derek married Addison Forbes Montgomery and spent eleven years married and living in Manhattan working alongside his wife and Best friend Mark Sloan.

One fateful night Derek returned home from work to his brownstone and something didn't seem quite right. A jacket he recognised lay hanging over a chair and as he made his way upstairs he was faced with sight of his wife sleeping with his best friend.
Derek upped and left Manhattan and moved across the country to accept the post of Head of Neurosurgery a job opportunity offered by Chief Richard Webber at Seattle Grace Hospital. 
On arriving in Seattle Derek took himself out for a few drinks the night before his first day at the hospital and his eyes fell on Meredith Grey sitting alone at the bar. Neither of the pair knew at the time that the one night stand they were about to partake in, would eventually become the love of their lives, and they would one day be married!

When Meredith kicked Derek out the next morning, both were left shocked when they discovered they would be working in the same hospital! Meredith as an intern, and Derek as an attending.
Meredith rebuffed Derek's advances for many weeks but the chemistry remained between the pair, and eventually Meredith agreed to a breakfast date with Derek.

The pair began a secret romance and spent as much time together as possible at the trailer and sneaking off to Meredith's house when her housemates were at work.
It wasn't long before their relationship was rumbled, especially by Bailey who caught them having sex in Derek's car on Meredith's drive!

Derek ShepherdColleagues and friends thought the relationship was a way for Meredith to get ahead in surgeries and her career but they were soon eating their words when they realised just how close they had become.

However the relationship was ripped apart when Derek's estranged wife Addison turned up in the lobby of Seattle Grace just as the pair were preparing to take their relationship to a new level.

Derek initially made out to Meredith that he was not interested in reconciling with Addison, and explained what had happened back in New York. Meredith listened to his take on events but explained that it wasn't enough.

Derek was left with a choice to make when Meredith begged him to pick her a few weeks later after finally admitting her true feelings for him. However after declaring that she loved him Derek broke her heart by remaining with his wife.

Derek tried to be a good husband to Addison and the pair took on Meredith's untrained dog Doc, but the pain of leaving Meredith soon became evident and his jealousy was soon riled when Mark Sloan arrived from New York and instantly began flirting with Meredith in the corridor, Derek responded by hitting Mark clean in the face, hurting his own hand, and marks cheek in the process!

After having to allow an elderly patient to die Meredith suffers a panic attack and it is Derek who finds her and calms her, and all out hearts were in our mouths when we thought our favourite pair might kiss.

Derek ShepherdMeredith confided in Derek that she had slept with George, and a heated argument erupted between the pair after Derek assumed Meredith was sleeping with Finn after seeing her in his house after she helped in him birth a foal.
An angry Derek returned home to Addison and demanded sex in a desperate effort to rid his mind of Meredith, if only it could be so simple!
The Chief of Surgery organised a Prom at the hospital for his niece who had been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and would miss her own Prom. Derek arrived with Addison, but only after a heartbreaking moment where he and Meredith had to say goodbye to their dog Doc who was too ill to recover from his bone cancer. A meeting of their hands sparked off all sorts of hope in the audience as it became evident that things were far from over for our favourite pairing.

When Derek laid eyes on Meredith at the Prom it was as if the whole room became invisible except for her, his eyes never left her as he danced with Addison and she danced with Finn. After noticing Meredith making excuses to leave the room, Derek too excused himself and fled down the corridor in pursuit of Meredith. A heated argument between the pair in an exam room leads to the pair having sex and left both of them wondering what this meant now!

Derek makes the decision to divorce Addison and Meredith is left to decide between Finn and Derek and asks to date both of them to help make up her mind. The men agree and they go to battle interrupting one another's dates and bribing Meredith with cake and coffee!

Derek ShepherdOn the day Mark Sloan arrives as the new Head of Plastics at Seattle Grace, Meredith is admitted to the hospital with appendicitis, however Addison wrongly believes Meredith is pregnant. Derek is obviously concerned over Meredith's well being, but a heart to heart with Richard, and a conversation with Finn leads him to tell Meredith he loves her enough to walk away and that Finn is the better man, leaving Meredith and himself heartbroken at the decision. Meredith realises it is Derek she wants to be with and explains to Finn that it is Derek she wants to be with.
Derek is unaware that Meredith has ended things with Finn, however on the day he finally learns the truth of Mark and Addison's betrayal he leaves Meredith confused when he more or less ignores her admission that she isn't with Finn.

When Derek is left in the locker room with George after a plague threat he soon realises that he has always been in love with Meredith and when he is finally released he rushes to the house to inform Meredith he has been in love with her forever. He takes some time to escape to the wilderness before finding Meredith in the bar and asking if they can start over – and luckily for all of us she agrees!

Derek and Meredith fall into a relationship however the arrival of a lucid Ellis Grey at the hospital begins to form cracks in their relationship, and a ferry boat accident leads to Meredith being pushed into the water by a patient she is treating.

Derek ShepherdDerek realises it is a long time since he saw Meredith at the sight and soon begins to panic when he spots the little girl Meredith had been watching all alone in the middle of the devastation. After the little girl points to the water Derek realises Meredith is in the bay and dives in to save the women he loves. He finds Meredith's unconscious body in the water and is left scared and petrified as he begins the frantic battle to save her life on route back to the hospital. Once inside the hospital he is left outside the room as his colleagues and friends battle to save the love of his life's life.

It is during this time that Derek shouts at Ellis for breaking Meredith, and breaks down in front of his former wife Addison. Ellis suffers a heart attack and Derek is unable to save her.

At the same time as losing Ellis, Meredith is revived and Derek is relieved to be reunited with his girlfriend, however before he has the chance to explain to Meredith about what has happened to her mother he is surprised that she already knows! In a heart warming moment Derek climbs into bed with Meredith and the pair fall asleep together.

Derek begins to hover over Meredith petrified of losing her and finds it hard to deal with the fact that she didn't swim or try and save herself in the water. However when her step mother dies unexpectedly from complications in surgery Derek is left confused when Meredith refuses to let him comfort her, and even when he witnesses her father slapping across the face she runs once again.

Derek speaks to Meredith on the day she passes her intern exam and explains that she is the love of his life, but he expresses his concerns as to why she is forever leaving him. He is left devastated a few hours later in the church when Meredith declares ‘it is so over.' And the congregation (and Derek) are left wondering if the statement refers to Cristina and Burke, or her own relationship too.

Derek ShepherdDerek is left with the task of telling Cristina that Burke has left the hospital and when she and Meredith return from the unhoneymoon he is desperate to find out where he stands with Meredith. He understands when Meredith explains it is done, but it isn't long before the pair are engaging in break up sex and enter into a routine of sex and mockery. However Derek finds it hard to separate sex and mockery from an actual relationship and begins to want more from Meredith, and even though she isn't ready he explains that he will wait, unless someone comes along who is ready!
Derek attempts to date in order to move on from Meredith, but a disastrous date with Sydney Heron leads him straight back into the arms of Meredith but the meeting of his eyes with his scrub nurse Rose leaves us all dreading what might happen next!

In the same day that Derek and Plant kiss in the scrub room Derek is left confused when Meredith declares she doesn't want him to date anyone but her. When she later hears from George about the kiss she confronts Derek and an argument escalates and the pair are driven apart again.

Derek enters into a relationship with plant however it remains unconsummated as he is unable to get thoughts of Meredith from his brain. When he eventually does sleep with plant he explains he is a whore as he thought of Meredith the whole time.

Derek ShepherdMeredith approaches Derek to help her with a clinical trial to help treat malignant gliomas and the pair are soon working closely alongside each other to help change the face of medicine. However after a series of failures Meredith is told to shut the trial down after the next attempt. But Meredith doesn't share this news with Derek, and even though the pair are at logger heads over continuing they are successful when treating Beth. Meredith goes to Derek's land and outlines their would-be house in candles, mentioning their future children. Derek finds her there and kisses her passionately, but leaves in order to end his relationship with Rose, telling Meredith to wait for him there.
Meredith surprises Derek by asking him to move in with her, and he agrees, and even after she displays some uncertainty about it the pair move into Meredith's house.

Derek upsets Meredith's roommates by asking when they will be moving out, Meredith finds this hard to deal with as her friends are her family and Derek promises that for the time being it is ok and he informs Meredith that of course he still loves her.

Derek struggles with the closeness of his girlfriend's friendship with Cristina and it isn't long before he is trying to get Mark to ask her out on a date! But of course Cristina rebuffs all of his advances!

Derek ShepherdDerek's mom visits Seattle for the first time and is pleased to meet the woman who has stolen her boy's heart. It doesn't take her long to realise that Meredith is perfect for Derek and explains that the fact Meredith sees things in black and white is just what he needs and gives him her engagement ring to give to Meredith.
Now that Derek has the ring, he just needs to find the right way to propose to Meredith, but is worried that she is not ready for marriage; he soon realises she is when she makes a comment about having his babies.
Derek plans a classic romantic proposal with candles, rose petals and giant teddy bear but never gets to see it through as his ex wife Addison calls begging for his help to save her brother's life who he finds out has parasites in his brain.

However before Derek can plan another proposal he is left devastated and depressed when he knicks an aneurysm in a pregnant patient Jen's head and nothing he does is able to save her, and as he starts taking out sections of her brain he refuses to give in to the fact that she is gone, even the words of his girlfriend are unable to calm him.

After meeting with lawyers Derek is left broken when he realises he has killed more patients then he has saved, and even when Meredith points out that he  needs to look at the big picture because he takes on impossible cases he refuses to be helped and storms out of the hospital and refuses to operate.

Derek ShepherdMeredith decides the best thing for Derek is to be left alone, but after the Chief informs her of Derek's plans to propose she heads out to the trailer, to find a drunken Derek hitting beer cans into the woods. Derek refuses to listen to Meredith's offer of help and it isn't long before he calls her a lemon! When Meredith mentions she knows about the ring Derek responds by batting it into the woods before throwing the bat and demanding Meredith goes home.

Derek continues to turn to beer and hides away at the trailer away from everyone. His fellow surgeons Owen Hunt and Callie Torres pay a visit to the trailer to try and talk some sense into him but instead join him in a drink before the Chief arrives and shouts at all of them. However Derek takes his anger out on the Chief for sending Meredith out to the trailer expecting a ring, but eventually the Chief calms him down and explains he should try and call Meredith and that it wasn't too late!

Derek eventually calls Meredith. Meredith arrives and explains to Derek he needs to operate as Izzie has cancer and he might be able to save her.

Derek attempts to propose to Meredith but she turns him down, for it been the wrong time.  Derek returns to the hospital and with Meredith's encouragement and his ferry boat scrub cap he is able to operate on Izzie. After the operation Derek surprises Meredith in the elevator with the most perfect proposal! And they agree they want to spend the rest of their lives together. After weeks of wedding preparation the pair eventually give their wedding to Izzie and Alex and perform their own personal ceremony on a blue post it that now sits proudly above their bed.

Derek ShepherdJohn Doe is admitted to the hospital and the two of them go to check up on his progress, Meredith then realises he is in fact George. They rush him to surgery but he begins to flat line, and Derek is unable to save him.
Derek and Meredith begin a sex marathon consummating their marriage anywhere and everywhere including the stairs and the work tops in the kitchen much to the dismay of their housemates!

Derek is asked by Isaac an employee of the hospital to operate on his 'inoperable' spine tumour and he was faced by a brick wall when Richard said he was unable to go ahead with the surgery, with the support of his colleagues he opened up the spine and made the decision that he could do the surgery.

Derek drew the tumour on the wall to share his ideas with Meredith, and the drawing remains on the wall today!

During the surgery Derek threw up with the sheer exhaustion and enormity of the task, and Meredith remained on the phone with Cristina the whole time observing her husband from the confinements of their bed after her Liver donation. When the surgery was finished and successful the Chief fired Derek on the spot, but he refused to be fired.

Derek ShepherdNot long afterwards the Chief began drinking and for a while Derek's wife Meredith covered up for him, however when the Chief fell asleep after drinking in his office after Derek left scotch in his room Jennings was informed and Derek was appointed interim Chief.

Derek struggles with the task of Chief and begins to miss surgery. He steals a surgery form Meredith just to feed his desire to cut again, however is forgiven by Meredith as she is in 'Who-vile.'

Not long after Derek becomes Chief April begins to form an obsession with her superior, oblivious to Derek and a word in Meredith's ear from Jackson, and then Alex has Meredith propositioning Chief Shepherd in the conference room!

In the season finale it is revealed that Meredith is pregnant with Derek's baby, but she has yet to tell him. Derek is then shot by a man named Mr. Clark who enters the hospital, searching for Derek and intending to kill him as punishment for euthanizing his wife. Because no attending physicians are on the floor and Derek's injury is life-threatening, Cristina agrees to perform the surgery. Clark reappears and wants to shoot Derek to finish what he started. Meredith rushes into the operating room and attempts to convince Clark to shoot her instead in order to truly torture Derek when he awakens. Jackson then tricks Clark into thinking that Derek has died, without Meredith knowing that he simply unplugged Derek's heart monitor. Derek's life is saved but Meredith experiences a miscarriage due to the trauma of believing Derek to be dead. In the locker room, Meredith throws the pregnancy test away.