Meredith Grey - Biography

written by: Gemma

Meredith GreyMeredith Grey, our leading lady puts the Grey in Grey's Anatomy. Meredith spent the first few years of her life in Seattle, Washington with her parents Ellis and Thatcher Grey. Her mother Ellis was a surgical resident at Seattle Grace and went on to become a world famous surgeon winning the infamous Harper Avery Award. The Marriage of Ellis and Thatcher was far from perfect and it transpired that Ellis had an affair with her colleague at the time Dr Richard Webber (who is now Chief of Surgery at Seattle Grace.) When Meredith was five years old her parents' marriage fell apart and Thatcher walked out on Ellis and Meredith and lost all contact with his little girl. It was then that Ellis accepted a fellowship at Boston General and moved herself and her daughter across the country to Massachusetts.

Meredith GreyMeredith attended the prestigious Ivy League Dartmouth College where she graduated successfully despite years of partying and dying her hair pink! Ellis was continuously on at Meredith to attend medical School and follow in her footsteps and give her life some kind of direction! However that went against everything Meredith believed in at the time and she took herself off to Europe to travel with her best friend at the time Sadie Harris, before deciding what it was she wanted to do. When Meredith was travelling she received the news that her mother was suffering from early onset Alzheimer's disease and Meredith cut her trip short to be with her mother. Her mother's diagnosis kick started Meredith's need and desire to be a surgeon and she soon signed up to medical school. On the completion of her Medical studies Meredith was accepted onto her internship at Seattle Grace and returned to the place she used to call home. Ellis Grey returned to Seattle with her daughter however was admitted to a care home sue to the demands of her illness. Meredith moved into her former home and began the hunt for roommates after an interesting first evening with a certain brain surgeon!

Meredith GreyAfter Meredith escaped the intern mixer and fled to the bar across the street from the hospital (Joes) she was soon to meet the man who would one day become her husband! A flirtatious first meeting and many tequila and scotch shots later Derek awoke on Meredith's Living Room floor after their one night stand. Meredith got the shock of her life a few hours later when her one night stand reappeared – he was the Neuro Attending at her new place of work! Meredith confided in her best friend Cristina Yang about her first meeting with Derek and also told her person when she finally agreed to date Derek.  Derek kept up his pursuit of Meredith for quite a while before she finally gave in and agreed to date him – initially on the condition it remained a secret! However it wasn't long before George and Izzie spotted Derek leaving the house early in the morning. After initial reservations that Meredith was sleeping with her attending to get ahead, her friends soon realised it was more than that and she was in fact falling for him!

Meredith GreyUnfortunately just as Meredith began to open up more to Derek and take the steps forward that their relationship deserved she was confronted with a situation that none of us (including Meredith) saw coming – Addison Montgomery Shepherd! The Wicked Witch of the East arrived and burst all of our MerDer hearts!

Meredith was left heart broken when Derek decided to remain with his wife and fell into a period of self destruction – attempting to see her father, one night stands she doesn't know – and sleeping with George! Meredith is left isolated from her friends as they all struggle with the fact that Meredith slept with George and she soon found herself seeking friendship from the one person she was running from – Derek!

After having to allow an elderly patient to die Meredith suffers a panic attack and it is Derek who finds her and calms her, and all out hearts were in our mouths when we thought our favourite pair might kiss.

Meredith Grey Meredith turns her attention to the new man in her life – Doc the dog; however the fact he isn't house broken and chews everything in sight soon leads to Doc moving in with Derek and Addison at the trailer! This leads to our favourite couple spending time together walking Doc every other morning along Tiger Mountain Trail and they begin to grow closer again.

However Meredith begins to date Finn Dandridge after Doc got ill and it wasn't long before Derek jumped to all the wrong conclusions when he saw Meredith with wet hair and one of Finns sweaters on! This led to an angry row between MerDer and resulted in Derek making out Meredith was a whore, and their friendship appeared done.

Meredith has an awkward meeting with her father when the half sister she didn't know existed is admitted with complications with her pregnancy. Meredith finds it hard to hear how much of a perfect father Thatcher had been to his new family and is shocked to find out that she has another sister – Lexie – who is at Harvard studying medicine!

Meredith GreyAfter Doc becomes ill again it is realised that he wont be able to recover and the decision is made to end his life and put him to sleep. Meredith and Derek are with him when Finn administers the injection and a fleeting touching of their hands gave us (and them) a hope that perhaps there was hope for MerDer yet!

Finn was Meredith's date to the prom, and Derek arrived with Addison, however when Meredith walked in her beauty stopped Derek in his tracks and it wasn't long before the pair were making excuses to flee the room, Derek in hot pursuit of Meredith. A heated argument between the pair in an exam room leads to the pair having sex and left both of them wondering what this meant now!

Derek makes the decision to divorce Addison and Meredith is left to decide between Finn and Derek and asks to date both of them to help make up her mind. The men agree and they go to battle interrupting one another's dates and bribing Meredith with cake and coffee!
However when Meredith is admitted to the hospital with appendicitis she is left heartbroken when Derek reveals he loves her enough to walk away, this is enough to make Meredith realise it is Derek she wants to be with and she lets Finn go.

Meredith GreyAfter Derek finds out the true events between Addison and Mark he is left devastated to learn it wasn't just a one night stand and that they actually lived together for three months. It's at this point Meredith chooses to inform Derek she broke up with Finn, but she is left confused when she doesn't receive the response she hoped for. When Derek is left in the locker room with George after a plague threat he soon realises that he has always been in love with Meredith and when he is finally released he rushes to the house to inform Meredith he has been in love with her forever. He takes some time to escape to the wilderness before finding Meredith in the bar and asking if they can start over – and luckily for all of us she agrees!
Ellis is admitted to the hospital and appears to be Lucid; she is harsh to Meredith and questions her focus before questions Derek too. Ellis loses her lucidness before Meredith and herself can reconcile any more.

A ferry boat disaster leads to Meredith being knocked into the water in Elliot Bay and the devastation and hurt she feels over her mother's harsh words lead to her to stop fighting and she allows herself to lose the fight against the water and begins to drown. Derek rescues Meredith and is left devastated when he is left to sit back and watch whilst everyone else tries to save her life. During a near death experience Meredith is faced with Dylan, Denny, and Doc who point out it may be too late. Meredith is desperate to get back to Derek and her friends and she begins to fight for survival, but passes her mother on the corridor and she realises her mother has passed away before Derek breaks the news to her.

Meredith GreyDerek begins to hover over Meredith petrified of losing her and finds it hard to deal with the fact that she didn't swim or try and save herself in the water. However when her step mother dies unexpectedly from complications in surgery Meredith pushes all her loved ones away and after Thatcher slaps her across the face she refuses to let Derek help her.
Meredith freezes during her Intern exam due to the pressure and stress she is under and it isn't long before Derek is confronting her over their relationship and feels like she is constantly leaving him. Meredith then ends up telling a packed church that it is ‘so over.' And Derek (and us) is left wondering if she means the wedding, her own relationship - or both!
Meredith returns from Cristina's honeymoon to learn that her half sister Lexie is now an intern at the hospital. After avoiding Derek for most of her first day back the pair end up having break up sex in an on call room.

The pair fall into a routine of sex and mockery but it's not long before Derek is hoping for more from their relationship again. Meredith avoids this as much as possible but when she finally realises Derek is who she wants to be with unconditionally she is left heartbroken to find out that he has kissed a scrub nurse names Rose (who will be referred to as Plant from here on in!) Derek begins to date the Plant and Meredith begins to see a therapist Dr Wyatt to help deal with her troubles.
It isn't long until our favourite pair are working together on a clinical trial and begin spending alot of time in the hospital together! It is at this time when we find out that Meredith watched Ellis attempt to kill herself in front of her in their kitchen but is glad to realise that she didn't really want to die, she just wanted to get help and attention from those around of her.

The clinical trial sees the pair lose many patients and it begins to take its toll on their friendship as Derek believes they kill things together. However the trial works on Beth and this is enough to bring Meredith and Derek back together again after each goes to find the other, and Meredith builds the beautiful house of candles and makes it clear Derek is the man she wants to spend her life with and the pair kiss before Derek leaves to end things with the Plant.

Meredith GreyMeredith and Derek fall back into a relationship and Meredith makes the big decision to ask Derek to move in with her. Cristina is adamant that the relationship won't work and that she is making a big mistake by asking him to move in, but the pair soon agree to be there for each other after cristina is stabbed by an icicle!

Meredith and Derek finally move in together and Derek attempts to force her roommates, Alex Karev and Izzie Stevens, to move out. Meredith stands up for her friends, explaining that they are all her family and that she needs them here. Derek agrees to let them stay. While looking for places to store his things, Derek discovers all of Ellis Grey's old diaries which Meredith begins to read in order to get to know her Mother better. She and Cristina bond over the medical nature of the diaries and learn a few tips from her Mother's residency.

Meredith meets Carolyn Shepherd (with help from Izzie) and Derek's mom soon realises that Meredith is the one for her son and passes on her own engagement ring to her son to give to Meredith. Meredith and Derek are at logger heads over the way to treat a death row patient, and this leads to Derek opening up to Meredith about his father died and Derek waiting for Meredith outside the jail when she attends the execution of William the patient.

Derek spends much of the next few days trying to get a good strategy for proposing to Meredith together. He can't decide how or when to do it. Everyone in the hospital, except Meredith, soon learns that he will be proposing to Meredith and sees the ring. Derek's patient, a pregnant woman, suggests that romantic proposals can be so even in the most simplistic ways - telling the story of how her husband proposed in a supermarket aisle, and showing him that the place, though seemingly unromantic, was beautiful for them, because they had met there. This serves as probable foreshadowing for Meredith and Derek's likely place of proposal, though it has not yet been revealed, as the elevator - as most Grey's fans know, the elevator has served throughout the past five seasons and the location of numerous steamy Meredith/Derek scenes.

Meredith GreyDerek prepares to propose to Meredith with a cliché proposal however a phone call from Addison, who needs help to save her brother's life soon puts an end to the proposal and Meredith is left wondering why there is a single red rose under her pillow.
Derek suffers one of the worst moments in his career when he knicks and aneurysm in Jens head and he begins to take out sections of her brain, and it is left to Meredith to attempt to talk him down. When Derek, very shaken and horribly guilty, leaves the O.R. to tell Jen's husband that she is gone, the grieving man shouts at him, calling him a murderer and screaming for his wife.
After a meeting with lawyers Meredith finds Derek refusing to perform any more surgeries and he ends up hiding away at the trailer and turning to drink top ease his pain. Meredith feels it is best to leave him to his own thoughts but the Chief tells her about the ring and persuades her to go out to the trailer.

When she arrives at the trailer, she confronts him about what he is doing. He snaps at her that she never wanted him there in the first place, that she has lied to him - saying she was 'whole and healed', when really she was just as damaged and emotionally unsteady as ever. She responds that that's not true and he knows it, that he's drunk, and that she knows about the ring. Infuriated that the Chief has spilled the beans, Derek pulls out the ring and hits it away into the woods with the baseball bat he had been using to hit beer cans. Meredith is disgusted and hurt, and leaves him, as he orders her to do, with his grief in the woods.

Meredith GreyMeredith is left wondering where their relationship stands and after some advice from the Chief Derek eventually calls Meredith. Meredith arrives and explains to Derek he needs to operate as Izzie has cancer and he might be able to save her.

Derek attempts to propose to Meredith but she turns him down, for it been the wrong time. Derek returns to the hospital and with Meredith's encouragement he is able to operate on Izzie. After the operation Derek surprises Meredith in the elevator with the most perfect proposal! And they agree they want to spend the rest of their lives together. After weeks of wedding preparation the pair eventually give their wedding to Izzie and Alex and perform their own personal ceremony on a blue post it that now sits proudly above their bed.

During this time John Doe is admitted after being hit by a bus and it is Meredith who realised John Doe is George and the fight begins to save his life – but unfortunately his injuries are so severe they lose him on the operating table. Izzie is also coding at this time but is resuscitated at the same time as losing George.

Meredith goes onto auto pilot after George's death and it takes 40 days before she breaks down in Derek's arms after George's cubby is cleared.

Meredith GreyMeredith is then faced with a great decision to make when her father is admitted with liver failure, and she eventually decides to give part of her own liver to her father. After the surgery, Meredith has to recover for weeks at home and is confined to the bed where she finds it boring and misses the thrill of surgery, and takes pleasure in hearing Derek's surgery stories.

Meredith is then faced with another hard decision when she returns and discovers that the Chief is drinking again. This leads to Derek becoming suspicious and eventually calls Meredith out on what she knows.
After Derek becomes Chief Meredith finds it hard to adjust to being the Chief's wife and eventually agrees to attend a welcome breakfast with her husband.

Meredith finds out that April has a crush on her husband and it isn't long before Meredith and Derek are having sex in a meeting room!

In the season finale it is revealed that Meredith is pregnant with Derek's baby however she never gets a chance to tell him the news as Mr Clark has entered the building intent on shooting her husband, Lexie and Richard as pay back for him losing his wife. Derek is shot on the cat walk with Meredith watching and because no attending physicians are on the floor and Derek's injury is life-threatening, Cristina agrees to perform the surgery as long as Meredith stays out of the OR. Clark reappears and wants to shoot Derek to finish what he started. Meredith rushes into the operating room and attempts to convince Clark to shoot her instead in order to truly torture Derek when he awakens, stating that she is the closest person to Lexie, Richard and Derek, all three of the doctors on his wife's case. Jackson then tricks Clark into thinking that Derek has died, without Meredith knowing that he simply unplugged Derek's heart monitor. Derek's life is saved but Meredith experiences a miscarriage while operating on Owen due to the trauma of believing Derek to be dead. In the locker room, the camera shows Meredith at her locker and looking at her pregnancy test, Cristina comes in and tells her that Derek is asking for her, Meredith responds saying "okay" and takes one last look at the pregnancy test and throws it in the garbage.