How to maintain a leather jacket

How to maintain a leather jacket

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Buying a leather bomber jacketis an investment. But you will certainly keep it all your life provided you take care of it.

Tips for maintaining your leather jacket

Waterproof his jacket

The leather bomber jacket men is naturally waterproof, but a heavy shower can stain it indelibly. Do not forget, therefore, to waterproof your leather garment with a suitable product (an aerosol can is ideal, provided you use it more than 30 cm from the garment). This will protect your jacket from the rain.

Put it on hanger

To prevent your bomber jacket leather from deforming, always hang it on a closed hanger. Same thing if your jacket is wet: let it dry naturally on a coat rack.

And most importantly, for your leather to keep its original shape, do not overload your pockets. Prefer a wallet to store your wallet, laptop, car keys.

Avoid sources of heat

To prevent your leather from fading, do not put it near aggressive lights and do not expose it to the sun (be careful not to forget it on the back of your car).

How to maintain a leather jacket

Do not leave your mens leather bomber jacket near a heat source (radiator, fireplace, etc.) that could dry it out. It must be kept in a dry and ventilated place.

Maintain it regularly

Then think about maintaining it so that it preserves its flexibility. You can clean it once or twice a year (for example before putting it back in the closet for the change of season). To do this, wipe a soft cloth over it to dust it off. Then feed it with milk for the leather. Little trick: milk for babies’ skin suits him perfectly (Mixa baby, Nivea, Poupina). This action removes the leather deposits of pollution and other dirt.

Repair his jacket

If your brown leather bomber jacket is scratched, scratched or punctured, know that there are resins or repairing pasta, which come to make up the differences in leather level.